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Our team is ready to provide full accounting and bookkeeping services for your business. It does not matter if you are small, middle or large company – we know what is important to you: you lead your business – we keep your dreams quietfull.

We work in  two similar ways:
    1. BUCHFINK Grzegorz Zięba serves small entrepreneurs, associations and foundations, cultural institutions as well.
    2. BUCHFINK GmbH / Ltd / LLC serves C Corporations, S Corporations, LLC, LLP, LP (Corporations, companies with limited liability, partnerships etc.).

For all entrepreneurships and businessmen we serve individualized business management, taxations, advisory, financial analysis, consulting and more advanced systems like e.g. Balanced Scorecard.

We provide salary accounting and associatd HR elements as well the salary management.

In cooperation with lawyer and other financial businesses we offer individualized or standarized service based on proffessional contracts.

Budgeting & controlling
Those two important areas are important for us too. Budgeting for better planning and controlling and analysis together. Not for a while but for the future.

Management & administration
Our proffessional experience we can put for disposal of your business: management, human resources, administrative aspects and more – it depends on you.

Management accounting
Prospective accounting, financial instruments, financial projections – that could be the power for next years of business you need.

Financial analysis
Analysis and profiled reporting, close cooperation with board members, CFO’s, help for banking and credit negotiations key points.

Bookkeeping systems audits
Something goes wrong – were you thinking anytime? Did you not become proper information from bookkeeping or accounting departmet ever? We can check it and help to improve your systems. Still does not work? Probably it is time to change your system. Which one to choose? Check again until success.

Taxes, business, management advisor & CFO services
Taxes – important and negligible part of business – it is our regular daily work. Sometimes ununderstandable but very important. We are for simplify and modify thinking about taxes because those are necessary too…
like – you probably know – what!

In case of legal questions or legal advisor we recommend to contact the confidential legal office: http://www.kubik.gd.pl, Piotr@kubik.gd.pl in Gdynia, under the same address of our registration.


We operate in convenient place Poland’s and European map, in cities with first-class traditions of merchants and high-potential traders, about good-change sources.

- BUCHFINK Grzegorz Zięba: Bookkeeping & accounting, taxations, advisor, dedicated for small and micro entrepreneur- and partnerships, associations, foundations and cultural institutions.
Address and registrations data: (PL)80-873 Gdańsk, Na Ostrowiu 1 str., b.705/RCE
Tax reg./VAT(UE) no: PL5831010423, Stat. Reg.no: 190285216

- BUCHFINK GmbH / Ltd / LLC: Bookkeeping & Accounting, Advisor & Management, Taxations, dedicated for medium and larger businesses (C Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, LLC, LLP, LP)
Address and registrations data: (PL)81-472 Gdynia, Legionów Street 104D/4
Tax reg./VAT(UE) No: PL5862311114, Stat. Reg. No: 365680070, Registration No: KRS0000642836 (see the official site https://ekrs.ms.gov.pl)

Market experience since 1997.
About CEO & business owner

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